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Нестандартизированное оборудование

         PJSC "MOEZ" produces non-standard equipment, including metallurgical and mining and processing at the customer's documentation, which consists of individual components and parts weighing up to 20 tons with dimensions of parts requiring machining diameters up to 3000mm, up to 20000mm.

        Body parts may have optional equipment welded or welded-cast construction with machining. If necessary, can be hydrotested on density.

        Basic parts of equipment can be made of the elements of rolled billets up to 20mm of thickness.

        Machine workshop manufactures flanges, covers, shafts, and other technological equipment for non-standard equipment as well as for anyone else.

        Machine shop equipment, consisting of an 8-lathes, 4 miller, 4 rotary drilling machine, pipe bending machine, can handle high-precision parts with diameter up to 1600mm, length up to 7000mm.

        PJSC "MOEZ" working steadily since 1997, contributing to the smooth development of new products over the last years the company has not only reduced the range and volume of production, but has mastered more than 25 kinds of new products.

        As a part of our company are: instrumental, machining and boiler shop, and as part of the finished painting equipment.

        We will make any non-standard equipment to  cording to its customer's drawings or as soon as possible and for reasonable price. Also tested for tightness joints and efficiency of production. Quality of equipment is guaranteed.