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Оборудование для пивоварения

Brewing equipment

One of the areas of our plant is the production  of equipment for brewing beer. We manufacture equipment for the brewing of any size. There's also a production of equipment to customer's drawings. Our equipment is used for industrial purposes as in breweries, microbreweries and restaurants, bars.

Our enterprise produses  columns for beer  is a  beer stand  it for two, three and six beers, as well  fermenting tanks. In the manufacture of beer brewing equipment is possible by classical technology and non-standard technologies. Equipment for brewing brewing is made from stainless steel 12Kh18N10T (AISI 304), as well as other structural materials. Brewing equipment is manufactured by our factory without the intervention of intermediaries.


Brewing equipment.Fermentation tank (vat)

пивовареноое оборудование бродильный танк This brewing equipment as fermentation tank (vat) is intended for fermentation of such beverages as beer, kvass, wine and other products requiring the fermentation process. Storage tanks used for fermentation beverages, for example, young beer or storage filtered beer. In such a device can also store sugar syrup, wine and milk.



Brewing equipment. Column for the spill. Beer stand.

Пивоваренное оборудование. Колона для разлива. Пивная стойка. Beer stand - a device for dispensing beer, equipped with 6-beer taps, that increasing the range of spilled beer kegs of beer and reduce the number of columns.
Beer stands for filling two or three beers can be made from inexpensive materials (aluminum, v. 3, etc.) are low cost and designed for mass use.