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Rotary feeder

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Rotary feeder, usually used for unloading bins under pressure than the atmospheric pressure, or in case of high fluidity, particle feed material. Typically, this situation can be seen being unloaded from the precipitated product discharger or air cleaning devices, if necessary, uniform supply or dispensing of granular materials. Simple, compact and reliable design airlock feeder is the best suited for solving critical technical problems in many industrial processes.

Rotary feeder consists of a cylindrical housing with mounting flanges on the top and bottom. On the sides of the body are attached lid, equipped with a rotary mechanism of bearing units. The rotary mechanism is rigidly mounted on the shaft of the drum is divided into several cavities, which are "pockets" for the supply of the product. Rotation of the rotary mechanism is carried out by an electromechanical actuator (motor-reducer). Making a revolution on its axis, the drum cavity capture particles deposited in the hopper and the product is transported them down, carrying unloaded under the influence of gravitational forces. Acting as a discharge valve, air lock feeder has integrity, ensuring minimal leakage of air from the feed hopper.
Rotary feeder provides the performance, determined by the total volume of the cavities of the material on the drum: from 2.2 to 19.5 liters (l / v).. Rotor speed is made in accordance with the nomenclature next 10, 20 or 30 rev / min. In accordance with the properties of the transported material, the blades of the rotary mechanism can be equipped with protective inserts of different materials. If you need the rotary feeder for silage, which has a round outlet, then use a normalized version, in which the upper flange of the boot has a round shape. The most frequently used options should also include: deflector for feeding granular products and display rotation.
At the request of the customer gateway feeder can be made in a special ATEX flameproof.