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Metalwork. manufacture of metal structures

металлоконструкции. изготовление металлоконструкций
One of the activities is the production of steel for general construction and industrial use.
Our company has all necessary equipment for manufacturing of various range of construction and industrial metal.

Our plant has a robust stuff of the workers and engineers. Through the introduction of new technologies and improvement of production, we are constantly expanding range of products and improve its quality.


металлоконструкции. изготовление металлоконструкций
 The organizational structure, professional staff and production capacity to rapidly and efficiently to fulfill orders for individual projects. Features of the plant can produce various steel metal for any purpose in various configurations, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

Steel made by our company are characterized by high flexibility and can easily be applied in various fields of industry and construction.

металлоконструкции. изготовление металлоконструкций
 According the  request, it is possible to manufacture non-standard products, as well as steel structures of various shapes and sizes, of varying complexity. Including installation and construction, spatial, and technological steel structures, prefabricated steel structures, buildings. Manufacture of individual components and parts.

металлоконструкции. изготовление металлоконструкций
 The standard metalls are lightweight steel tank, modular buildings, as well as various models of livestock farms.

. Light metal normally used for the construction of small architectural forms - year of trading platforms, discos and cafes, as well as light canopies for protection from rain and snow. However, in addition to easy hardware options include hangars and warehouses, which have higher performance (more than 50 years of trouble-free operation).

Light metal characterized by high compactness and mobility, stability and resistance to stress and to adverse climatic and temperature conditions. In addition, light metal at a price much cheaper than bulk stationary structure.

Modular buildings - it's compact, comfortable and durable prefabricated buildings, easily erected from metal. They have a large number of models of both residential and office type. Modular buildings are more functional, efficient and cost-effective replacement of capital facilities construction.

Cattle-breeding complexes, the more massive type of metal that can be easily equipped with the necessary equipment, technology and systems.

Metal awning of our  factory - it's comfortable and practical building materials, which are very popular because of its optimal price and quality. A combination of "metal awnings and" allows you to quickly and inexpensively build various types of buildings, canopies and covered areas, as well as many other useful constructions.

Our awnings are used in many areas. For example, it is lightweight and compact folding design type - summer pavilions, cafes and dance halls, various sheds of any size and any buildings, comfortable tented roof for swimming pools. We also offer tents for more permanent structures. For example, to warehouses, hangars and major shopping areas, as well as for livestock buildings - stables or pigsties.

It should be noted that in addition to standard products, which you can see in our photo catalog, we also offer you a manufacturer of metal in order to individually created drawings.
Creating a non-standard equipment, a fully "sharpened" to suit your needs will be much more reliable and profitable option than buying a conventional metal suitable to you.

Ten years of experience in this area enables us to realize every conceivable variety of different combinations, we offer to our clients.

Our plant produces the following metalworks:
* Building construction;
* Steel structures;
* Farm;
* Sheds
* Barns;
* Piggeries;
* calf shed;
* Granaries;
* hayries;
* Sheds, industrial;
* Sheds for equipment;
* Greenhouses;
* Beams;
* Shelter for swimming pools
* Support;
* String;
* Overlap;
* Decks.
* Summer areas;
* Marquise;
* Trade pavilions;
* Garage doors.

* A short time of manufacture;
* Originality of the project;
* Mobility, providing:
Be responsive to the season;
if necessary, sell to anywhere in the world;
* Cost (much cheaper capital construction);
* Small architectural forms that require less coordination.

Decent value for money products, as well as individual approach to each client - this is the main difference between our company to similar companies.