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Air receiver

Ресивер дренажный вертикальный air receiver is designed for the collection and separation of liquid R 717 in the evaporator circulating pump-dimensional systems refrigeration.
Air receiver - welded vertical cylindrical vessel with welded elliptical bottoms, two level indicators, pressure gauge, safety valve and two valves. The design, materials used, the basic design characteristics and parameters meet world standards.

Apparatus complete factory assembled, tested and ready for the manufacturer under-trial in the consumer. The plant also produces horizontal drainage receivers wide range of new generation capacity. Vertical air receiver manufactured by OST 24.203.03-90


Technical characteristics
Technical characteristics
Mark the device 1,5РВ 2,5РВ 3,5РВ 5РВ
Internal diameter in mm 600 1000 1000 1000
Capacity, m3 1,4 2,65 3,35 4,48
Operating temperature, С - 50
The maximum allowable working pressure, MPa 1,6
Overall dimensions, mm 3360х1200 4025х1340 3670х1540 4665х1540
Weight, kg 680 1078 1400 1695