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Air receivers

Air receivers are designed for storage of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, compressed air, nitrogen and other gases at an operating pressure of 1.0 MPa (10 kg / cm sq. km.). The basic material of manufacture receivers - low-allow steel 16 GS 5520. The minimum allowable wall temperature - minus 40 degrees of Celsius "MOEZ" manufactures air receivers in volume from 1 to 32 cubic meters.

Air receiver

The air receiver  is designed to give greater inertia and air network is a large amount of geometry, suppresses fluctuations in the gas stream, which will inevitably arise at the compressor discharge, in consequence of the fact that the compressor has the periodicity of the character (gives gas in portions of the network), especially there when operating reciprocating compressors. Many types of equipment are extremely sensitive to pulsations in the gas stream, which can lead to breakage.

Air receiver is used to create a network of compressed air. From the stock of air for a while can operate pneumatic equipment in the event of any interruption of the compressor, which injects gas into the network, part of which the receiver is.

The air receiver is a large metal container, inside which is a compressed gas. In addition, it shall be equipped with a safety valve for the discharge of gas in case of sudden increase in pressure in the network. Each receiver has input and output connections, which join it the network, and on which the gas enters and leaves him. The receiver has a compressed air tube drain through which the precipitate is removed from compressed air condensate and oil emulsion.

The main parameters of the receiver are: volume, maximum / working pressure and capacity.

Typically air tanks are vertical and horizontal. More commonly used vertical receivers, since they occupy less space.

In the case of multiple receivers, they may connect in series or in parallel. Parallel connection of receivers in the network good because it increases the aggregate bandwidth of receivers and gives you the easiest way off one of the receivers of the system in case of repair;

Serial connection, despite the fact that it has a higher total resistance, as well as of great complexity if you disable one of the air collectors of the system has a distinct advantage (in each receiver, by a number of factors are water-and oil separation). After passing through a network of receivers connected in series, the air is repeatedly cleansed of the oil-emulsion moisture - that is not a substitute moisture separator compressed air, but reduces the burden on them and prolong their service life..