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Brewing equipment.Fermentation tank (vat)

пивовареноое оборудование бродильный танк This brewing equipment as fermentation tank (vat) is intended for fermentation of such beverages as beer, kvass, wine and other products requiring the fermentation process. Storage tanks used for fermentation beverages, for example, young beer or storage filtered beer. In such a device can also store sugar syrup, wine and milk.



пивовареноое оборудование бродильный танк

 Fermenting tanks are designed to mini-breweries and manufactured to individual customer requirements for both of stainless steel 12Kh18N10T and other materials, traditional brewing.
Fermenter is a cylindrical vessel with spherical or conical lid, equipped with cooling jackets. Capacity brewing equipment can be performed in both vertical and in

пивовареноое оборудование бродильный танкhorizontal design, can be equipped with cooling jackets, thermal insulation, as well as the outer protective and decorative cover made of stainless steel (brushed or mirror). Fermenting tanks have different fittings for technical operations and instruments of accession, and tubelines.


пивовареноое оборудование бродильный танкTanks are equipped with brewing equipment imported or domestic vacuum and safety valves, cleaning heads, sealed manholes for sanitary treatment tank, a cooling coil. The devices are mounted on different supports in stainless or painted structural steel.