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Vessels with elliptical and conical heads

Емкостные аппараты  Vessels with elliptical and conical heads are designed for receiving, storing and dispensing of liquid and gaseous media.
The devices are produced without heat treatment, so they can not be applied for use with chemicals causing corrosion cracking.

Changing the design of the device (the location of nozzles, their conditional passes, etc.) are not allowed, except for versions the apparatus specified in the questionnaire.
The possibility of using the device in specific operating conditions (temperature, corrosion, etc.), and the use of cushioning materials, fittings, instrumentation, and others determine the design organization, device use in their designs.
Ability to use capacitive devices in seismic regions 7 and more points to be confirmed by the project organization, to use the apparatus in its development, the expectation seismicity or justification that such a calculation is not necessary.


Devices with flanged conical bottoms can be used in a technically justified cases (in other cases, should be  used the apparatus with elliptical heads)..

Capacitive apparatus are equipped with hatches for inspection of the interior surface of the vehicle, its cleaning and repair.

The sealing surface of flanges apparatus, fittings and manholes - smooth.

Plumbing fittings such as the level of UB - with the sealing surface of "Cavity" that corresponds to the type of the sealing surface of the flange type level gauge UB.

In technically justified cases (specified in the questionnaire) flanged connections are made with the sealing surface of "tongue and groove".

The design of the capacitive appratus is equipped with possibility of grounding them in operation, and the ability for all welding apparatus external stairs and service areas.