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АППАРАТЫ ЕМКОСТНЫЕ Vessels are intended for reception, storage and dispensing of liquid and gaseous media. Issuance of liquids can be carried out by gravity, and transfusion of medium compressed air or inert gas technology. The devices are not designed for the transportation of substances.

On special customer's specifications the company can develop and produce capacitive devices other parameter, including with flat walls.


Apparatus steel, welded with ellipsoidal ends

Nominal pressure up to MPa (kgf / cm)                             2,5(25)

The diameter of the device, mm                                          2400

Capacity not more than m                                                     50

Operating temperature vessel wall, °С                               from - 70 to +300

Financial performance: 
of carbon steel grades                                                            steel3; steel20, 16GS; 09G2S
stainless steel grades                                                           12Х18Н10Т; 10Х17Н13М2Т

Weight of the machine, kg                                                      20000

Dimensions, mm                                                                    6000х3000