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Evaporators with the vapor space

Evaporators with the vapor space Evaporators with vapor space designed for the evaporation of gas fractions of liquid media can be used as evaporators in the chemical, petrochemical, oil refining and other industries.


The inner diameter of the casing, mm                           800; 1000

Nominal pressure, MPa (kgf / cm2)                                1,6(16); 2,5(25)

Temperature of the heat exchangers tubes,°С            from -30 to +450

Range of heat exchanger tubes, mm                            20; 25

Length of heat exchanger tubes, mm                            6000

Number of passes through the tubes apparatus         2

Arrangement of heat exchangers
tubes in tube sheets                                                          on the tops of the squares

Spacing of heat exchanger tubes, mm                          26; 32

Financial performance:

____________of carbon steel grades                         steel3; steel20; 09G2S, 16GS

____________of stainless steel grades                    12Х18Н10Т; 10Х17Н13М2Т

The design of the heater with u-shaped tubes with floating head

Dimensions in mm

____________________________for d=800          8250 х 1250

____________________________for d=1000       8250 х 1400

Weight of the machine, kg

____________________________for d=800       4040

____________________________for d=1000     5050