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Производство оборудования нашим заводом

PJSC "Mirnodolinskiy experienced-experimental plant" is a manufacturer of heat exchangers, vessels and non-standard equipment for oil refining, chemical, food, coke, metallurgical and other industries and has the possibility to develop, manufacture and supply the following equipment:

Теплообменник, кожухотрубчатый, аппарат теплообменный Heat exchanger
Трубный пучок Tube bundles
циклоны, взп Counter-swirling  flows  (CSF)
емкостное оборудование Vessels
оборудование пивоварения Brewing equipment
воздухосборник, ресивер Air receiver 
реактор, аппарат с мешалкой Non-standard equipment
металлоконструкции Steel structures

PJSC "MOEZ" is a direct manufacturer and has all the conditions for the production as: Permission to conduct  works Gospromgornadzora increased safety № 933.06.09-28.52.0, necessary equipment and qualified staff. PJSC "MOEZ" has a long experience in the production of the said equipment. Equipment manufactured by PJSC "MOEZ" differs impeccable quality, long-term and excellent work. In the manufacture of devices used materials and components of well-known Ukrainian and European manufacturers, with whom PJSC "MOEZ" set long-term partnerships.

Among our customers are companies like:

СJSC Lisichanskiy Glass Works Company "Proletarian"

Dzerzhinsky phenolic plant

Company Severodonetsk "ORGHIM"

LLC “Vager”

ОJSC "Svalyava mineral water plant"

TD "Himmashservice"

ОJSC "Dneproshina"

Lisichanskiy Refinery (JSC "LINIK")

ОJSC "Azovstal"

OJSC "Stakhanov carbon black"

ОJSC "Zaporizhstal"

LLC "CAPAJ Ukraine"

OJSC "Dnepropetrovsk starch and treacle plant"

СJSC "Brewery Lisichanskiy"

LLC "Sud - Chemie Alvigo Ketelists Ukraine"

OJSC "Mykolayiv Aluminous Plant"

"Severodonetsk Brewery Shale"

LLC "Pinta-Kremenskaya brewery"

JSC "Ingulets GOK.".

Our plant has 6 hectares of its territory, 2500 m2 of production facilities, 900 m2, open production area, 1 500 m2, auxiliary and office space, 700 m2 office buildings, the staff of more than 50 people.



PJSC "MOEZ" uses for the manufacture of its equipment raw materials (metal, tubes, heads, etc.) and the leading European manufacturers:
Marcegaglia s.p.a (Italy) - stainless steel tubes, rolling stainless
Tehnofondi s.p.a (Italy) – elliptical heads
KBS (Turkey) - elliptical heads
Area inox (Italy) – stainless sheet steel
Acia vender s.p.a (Italy) – stainless sheet


Metalwork. manufacture of metal structures

металлоконструкции. изготовление металлоконструкций
One of the activities is the production of steel for general construction and industrial use.
Our company has all necessary equipment for manufacturing of various range of construction and industrial metal.


Rotary feeder

Rotary feeder, usually used for unloading bins under pressure than the atmospheric pressure, or in case of high fluidity, particle feed material. Typically, this situation can be seen being unloaded from the precipitated product discharger or air cleaning devices, if necessary, uniform supply or dispensing of granular materials. Simple, compact and reliable design airlock feeder is the best suited for solving critical technical problems in many industrial processes.